IJCP Book Of Medical Records

Medical And Health Records

IJCP Book of Medical Records: Rules for submitting a record

IJCP Book of Medical Records catalogs achievements of Indians, which includes Firsts, Inventions, Discoveries, Honors & Awards received at home or abroad, in the health sector. Anyone who has done something unique may inform us.

1.     Claims for Records in any category can be submitted through the website or email.

2.     Claims for records must be submitted along with the following documents where applicable

o       Scanned high resolution photographs

o       An audio or video clipping

o       Published newspaper clippings

o       Certificate of attendance from two independent observers

o       Certificate from two persons of eminence

o       Certificate from any other accreditation agency

o       Covering nomination letter.

3.     Once the claims are submitted, it will be uploaded on the site, under the Claim Surveillance section for 3 months for counter claims. If no one challenges them during this period, the same will be shifted to the records section.

4.     In case of a counter claim, a team of investigators will adjudicate the matter and their decision will be final and the same will be based on full authenticated material proof submitted by the claimant.

5.     Yearly records book will be published in January every year.

6.     If the counter claims are submitted after 3 months, they would be decided on merit only.

7.     Claimant can also submit their published records through other agencies like medical institutions (hospitals, nursing homes, colleges, research centers, diagnostic centers, teaching institutions etc.) The same will get published and web posted under "Others" category

8.     For prospective records, claimant can submit their advanced information to us in which case the 3 months period can be condoned.

9.     A printed certificate can be downloaded from the website after the claim has been accepted as a record. Alternatively, a printed certificate can also be procured from the Head Office on a nominal fee